Taking notes is a very natural activity - human brain has a limited capacity and is prone to false memories. Do you remember how many times you had holidays last year? I'm sure more than one person will need a moment to count and it gets harder as we go back in time. Our memory mostly collects impressions, not facts and this is why questions like this are the hardest one to answer.

Or take another angle - there are two different types of notes we can make First type is observations. This is something we need to do when we follow some changes. You may record the temperature in your room, number of pull-ups you did today or random thoughts during your workday.

Another type is conclusions. That would be a result of analyzing your observations and turning them into some particular form. What makes these steps distinct is two things:

Media platforms

Current type of media dictates the type of content being produced. All media platforms are public and incentivize a certain type of content with a mixture of gamification (likes) and algorythmic feed when every user gets a personalized feed based on their shadow profile produced by the platform. Observations do not really fit there, since their incomplete form may harm use profile.

Blog platforms are similar in this sense eventhough they do not have a feed component in them. On all platforms a stream of messages that user produces is a relatively expensive concept, since it's tied to a user profile. Sometimes it's possible to multiplex by using categories, however it's not a fully dedicated stream of messages.

Note taking apps

Note taking apps of any form are mostly centered about static pieces of content crosslinked between each other. It's possible to take both types of notes, however since time is not a first level concept, it's usually added ad hoc and cannot be interpreted within notes.

Other drawback that the concept of a page and hyperlink enforces structure. And any structure requires maintenance and continuous refactoring in order to keep it in shape. One could argue that any such structure is a requirement to be able to access the necessary information, however consider your experience with slack or a mail service like gmail. For a majority of people lack of structure there is a benefit rather than a limitation. Any information is just a search away without any structure applied to the information.

Dabdab concept

Dabdab is different in a sense that it makes the following ideas central:

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